The Health View Season 2

The Health View – Safe Station Program to Address Opioid Addiction Epidemic

In this program Host Yvonne Dunetz discusses with Nashua, New Hampshire Mayor Jim Donchess, Christopher Stawasz from AMR, Peter Kelleher from Partnership for Successful Living and Fire Chief Steve Galipeau, The Nashua Safe Stations Initiative. Which is a community partnership initiated by Mayor Donchess and includes Nashua Fire Rescue, Harbor Homes, Keystone Hall, AMR, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, St. Joseph Hospital, The Nashua Public Health Department, The Mayor’s Opioid Task Force, and the Nashua Police Department.

In this Episode Learn How: All Six Nashua Fire Stations are now points of safety to get a pathway to the care needed by people who are seeking treatment and recovery from addiction to opioids and other substances. That Recovery is possible and can occur, that there are seven different pathways of care. Where to go, telephone numbers to call, and how the Nashua community is committed to working together to respond to the opioid epidemic.

The Health View – Sex Trafficking In New Hampshire

The Health View – The Thankfulness & Gratitude Project

In this Episode of The Health View, learn how our community is working with Positive Street Art to create a mural that engages the community. Schools, Businesses, Organizations, Citizens take a break and reflect on what they are grateful for in life and spread a message of gratitude throughout the year. Learn about the ways you can participate. Become a part of this wave of gratitude by sharing this message and this video with others. Let’s spread our thankfulness one heart at a time as far as we can. With Gratitude and Many Blessings to all.

The Health View – The Health Benefits of Tea

The Health View – Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention

Suicide doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t consider your race, religion, gender, or financial position. In this Episode, Allison Sharpe, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Debbie Baird, NAMI Community Educator/Support Specialist, and Host, Yvonne Dunetz talk candidly about a topic few are willing to discuss openly. This program begins the conversation with the understanding that Suicide is often a last resort to end an unbearable pain. Learn about concrete solutions to help those in need find the people and resources available to them that will help when they no longer feel they can help themselves. Understand that the unwillingness to be transparent reinforces the stigma that prevents people from seeking the help they so desperately need. By giving a voice to suicide we can normalize the very human experience of mental illness, sadness, psychic pain and hopelessness attached to suicidal thoughts. Mental illness and suicidal thoughts are not signs of weakness or character flaws, but rather are often reflective of serious illness that are treatable and often preventable.

The Health View – Balancing School Work, Sports, Extra Activities, and Family

The Health View – What Are Today’s Kids Thinking

THV Healthy Co Parenting Keeping Kids Out Of The Middle

The Health View – Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness in the Home, Work Place and In Schools

In this episode of The Health View Justin Kates, Director of Emergency Management for the City of Nashua, New Hampshire discusses with host, Yvonne Dunetz, Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness for your home, workplace, and in School. You will learn how to use Fire Extinguishers, smoke alarms, what kind to buy, where to place them. What to do to prevent fires. Fire Safety Practices, Evacuation Plans, Do’s and Don’ts of Fire Safety and much more.

The Health View – The Conversation – What Matters Most to You – Season 2 Episode 17

This Episode focuses on What Matters Most to you. Rev. Rosemary Lloyd, BSN, MDiv from the Conversation Project and the Institute of Health Care Improvement and Host, Yvonne Dunetz, talk about one’s wishes for end of life care. Embracing the reality of our mortality. Discussing what it means to have a conversation with your loved ones. Talking to all the stake holders about what happens to you at the end of life. Thinking about what matters most to you, taking away the scarest parts. Realizing the conversations need to start early, even with your College Bound Students. What information you need to have. What important preventable harm can be avoided. Who needs to be contacted. Talking to your Medical Care Providers. The importance of a Health Care Proxy, Health Care Agent, Health Care Directives, Living Wills, and much more. They remind us that The Conversation of what matters most to you and making sure that those who care about you and love you, know your wishes, is a very loving important conversation. Learn how you can start the conversation with love. Release your loved ones from guilt in advance. Starting with yourself and being gentle about it. Go to the for your free starter kit. When it comes to end of life, talking matters. Talking sooner is better than later. Having life Enhancing conversations matter. Making a difference in how you live and how you die matters. We all want to live life without fear. Letting Go of what is holding you back will help you live with more joy and more compassion. This program reaches out to everyone in a very loving, kind and respectful way, helping each viewer to begin a very important conversation that stems from love and caring.

The Health View – Medical Qigong and Self Care -Season 2 – Episode 16

In this program Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, Executive Director of the Institute of Qigong and Integrative Medicine shares with host, Yvonne Dunetz, the benefits of Medical Qigong not only for Health Care Professionals and those you care for others, but also for everyone for their own self care. He also talks about his upcoming Medical Qigong Training taking place October 14-17, 2016 and in March and June 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua, NH.

The Health View – Enhancing and Promoting Brain Health

Nancy Emerson Lombardo, PhD is the founder of both the national Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer’s Disease International, as well as the Founder and President of HealthCare Insights, LLC and Brain Wellness Services TM. She is an adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Neurology Boston University School of Medicine, Dept. of Neurology. During the past decade she has developed lifestyle interventions for both treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, and to improve the quality of life for older adults. She developed the Memory Preservation Nutrition (R), a nutritional program for the dual purposes of helping people reduce their own risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, and to slow progression and improve the lives of persons who are already living with Alzheimer’s. In this episode of The Health View, Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo discusses with Yvonne Dunetz what you can do to enhance your own brain health. Learn about “healthy living for a healthy brain.”

The Health View – Environmental Toxins and How to Protect Ourselves

Dr. Walter Crinnion is considered one of the foremost experts in the field of Environmental Medicine with over 30 years of medical practice. He lectures across North America and Europe at medical conferences where he is a sought after speaker. He also does six month training courses for licensed healthcare providers who wish to become more proficient in environmental medicine. He is the author of “Clean, Green and Lean”. In this episode of the Health View we will learn about the pollutants and toxic compounds in our every day environments and how we can protect ourselves. He will review the steps that you can take that will reduce your exposure and how they will make a significant difference in your overall health and well-being.

The Health View – Holding Tight – Letting Go – As We Prepare To Go Back To School

Dr. Benjamin Garber is a psychologist, nationally renowned speaker, researcher, award winning freelance journalist and author, who specializes in child and family development. In this episode of The Health View, Dr. Garber and Yvonne Dunetz, discuss preparing our children, parents, and teachers for going Back to School with the focus of being healthy and balanced. Drawing in his pearls of wisdom from his most recent book, “Holding Tight – Letting Go”, Dr. Garber shares with us the necessary and natural push-pull dynamic that must play out between every parent and child from birth through death. Understanding the ambivalence that we experience, torn between keeping our children safe and encouraging their independence.

The Health View – Brookford Farm & Community Supported Agriculture

In this program you will learn all about how Brookford farm started, the challenges that owners Catrina and Luke Mahoney overcame to establish an Organic Farm, the Organic Products that they raise for their CSA members and how you can participate.

The Health View – What is A CSA

Steve Normanton, owner of Normanton Farms and host Yvonne Dunetz talk about what Community Supported Agriculture, his passion for farming and his Litchfield New Hampshire farm.
Learn about how he grows Organic Vegetables, grass fed Beef, chicken, pork, and Organic Eggs. He also talks about the Environmental Water Challenges that are being attended to in Litchfield and other New Hampshire Communities and how it affects the health and wellness of farms and farm produce.

The Health View – Ending Poverty

The Health View – Alzheimer’s & Dementia Part 1

The Health View – Alzheimer’s & Dementia Part 2

The Health View – Healing Power of Music

The Health View – Dr Santharam Yadati – Season 2 – Episode 5

There is no health without Mental Health. In this episode of The Health View join Dr. Santharam Yadati and host Yvonne Dunetz, MSW
as they discuss the importance of Mental Health in one’s overall health and well-being.

The Health View – ADHD with Dr Hand Season 2 Episode 5

The Health View – Kidney Stones -Dr Gary Dunetz Season 2 Episode 4

The Health View – Cooking for Hormonal Health Season 2 Episode 3

The Health View – Integrative Medicine – Season 2 Episode 2

The Health View – Prostate Health – Season 2 – Episode 01