The Health View Season 3

The Heath View – Signs of Stroke, Treatment and Care -Season 3

In this Episode of The Health View learn the warning signs of a stroke and be able to think fast, know how to recognize the symptoms and get the treatment and care that is needed. Every minute counts. Learn what to do.

The Health View – Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster – Season 3

In this episode of The Health View, Author, Peggy Huddleston and Host, Yvonne Dunetz, discuss a techique that uses the power of the mind to have better surgical outcomes. Learn the 5 Steps to follow to reduce anxiety and heal faster. The healing statements to bring with you to the Hospital and/or Outpatient Surgery Center, and give to the Anesthesiologist to read to you in the Operating Room. How to use this technique with Chemotherapy and other medical challenges.

The Health View – Skin Cancer – What To Look For & How to Prevent it – Season 3

In this Episode of The Health View, Dermatologist, Dr. Robert Posnick discusses with host Yvonne Dunetz, the different kinds of skin cancer including: What to look for, how to protect and care for your skin in order to prevent skin cancer, treatment for skin cancer, how to do self examinations to learn what is normal and abnormal for your body, skin products that help your skin be healthy and well, how to care for babies, adolescent, adults, and aging skin, and more.

The Health View – The Meaning and Purpose of Life – Season 3

In this episode of The Health View, Rabbi Jonathan Spira-Savette and host, Yvonne Dunetz, discuss the meaning of a purposeful driven life. How people crave purpose, a deep connection with others, and a rootedness with history and heritage that helps them to not feel boundless and aimless, but instead a knowingness that we are from somewhere and that our lives make a difference in the world and continues even after. They talk about darkness and hope, love, passion, and the difference each of us can make and more…

The Health View – The Happiness Jungle and Lyn Dee Eldridge

The Health View – Transforming Lives by Enhancing Your Hair Health and Care – Season 3

In this Episode of The Health View, Yvonne Dunetz interviews Sara Duquette, Stylist and Director of Education at Cassandra Salon and Spa. Learn about what healthy hair looks like. What is normal aging. How the hair communicates early warning signs of illness. The importance of noticing drastic changes and really listening to what our body is communicating through our hair and skin. What can be done about hair loss. What needs to be done to achieve optimum hair health and care. How stress impacts the hair and skin. Products and options. Developing a relationship with your stylist and more.