The Health View Season 6

The Health View – The Tobacco Gap – S6-Ep6

In this Episode of The Health View host Yvonne Dunetz and guest, Dr. Albee Budnitz discuss the Tobacco Gap and what can be done about it. Learn about Dr. Koop and the Koop Institute, why health care is still addressing nicotine addiction, what nicotine does to the brain, what happens to children who become addicted to nicotine, heated tobacco items, the newest products that are out, what students are using in schools and its impact on the brain, deaths related to tobacco, Tobacco Use Disorder, the average age of tobacco use, the average age of addiction, how tobacco addiction leads to other addictions, what an electronic cigarette looks like and other electronic nicotine delivery systems, how they work, what needs to be done, how to get help, and more.

The Health View – The Difference Animals Make To Our Health and Well being S6-Ep5

In this Episode of The Health View host Yvonne Dunetz, and guests from The Human Society of Greater Nashua including Laurie Dufault, Charlie Franks, Becky Longval and puppies Emily, Emma and Warren discuss adoption, the difference that animals make to our health and wellness. How to adopt, what to do, the supports available in helping animals make the human/animal bond. Resources available if you need to surrender an animal and more.

The Health View – What is Multiple Sclerosis – S6-Ep4

In this Episode of The Health View, host, Yvonne Dunetz, discusses with Dr. Andrew Smith what is Multiple Sclerosis (MS), how it affects the brain and the spinal cord, signs and symptoms of MS, how one is diagnosed, the common ages that one can get MS, how long one can live with MS, the stages of Multiple Sclerosis, the impact of having MS during pregnancy, relapses of MS, treatments, resources, supports available and more.

The Health View – Bullying and Sexual Harassment In Schools S6-Ep3

In this Episode of the Health View, Host Yvonne Dunetz, MSW and Guest Amy Jo Muscott, Education Coordinator of Bridges, discuss what is bullying, what is sexual harassment, how do you know when you’re being bullied and sexually harassed, skills to learn, what is ok and not, how to ask for help, modeling best behavior, treating each other with respect and kindness. What happens to the brain when children have been impacted by trauma. The importance of being heard and having support. Resources to create space and safety. What parents can do. What teachers, coaches, school staff and communities can do. Legal ramifications. Shifting our belief system. Being vigilent, aware and making changes in a good way. Role modeling good behavior. Resources available and more.

The Health View – Bedwetting to Potty Training S6 – Ep 2

In this Episode of The Health view Host Yvonne Dunetz and Urologist, Dr. Paul Austin from Texas Children’s Hospital, discuss the maturation process of the bladder and recommendations for effective potty training, as well as understanding what causes bedwetting, when to seek help, effective treatments, therapies and more.

The Health View – Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders- S6-Ep1

In this Episode of The Health View, host Yvonne Dunetz and Guest Neurologists: Dr. Rebecca Thompson and Dr. Stephen Lee discuss what Parkinson’s Disease is, symptoms, the three critical findings about movement, genetic and non-genetic causes, the main cause of Parkingson’s Disease, what is included in a neurological workup, treatments, movement disorders, the importance of exercise, creative ways to keep active, the Big and Loud Program, and more.