The Health View Season 7

The Health View – Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter – S7- Ep10

In this Episode of The Health View, you will learn about the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter. Host, Yvonne Dunetz, and Executive Director, Michael Reinke, discuss the History of the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter, its Mission, the Food Programs, the Pantry, the Sheltering Program, the Emergency Shelter, the Community Gardens, how to access services, and much more.

The Health View – Nashua Senior Activity Center – S7- EP9

In this Episode of The Health View, host, Yvonne Dunetz, MSW, and Executive Director, Margo Bell, of the Nashua Senior Activity Center discuss: The history of the Senior Activity Center, the location, resources available for people 50 +, how to register for classes and day and evening programs, how to become a member and what membership entitles you to, on-site health clinics, the fitness center, travel opportunities, ways to volunteer, and how the Senior Activity Center is keeping relevant while enhancing a thriving age-ing community.

The Health View – Air Quality and Your Health – S7-Ep8

In this Episode of The Health View, host, Yvonne Dunetz and Guest, Glory Dolphin Hammes, CEO of IQAir, discuss Air Quality and Your Health. You will learn about: The mission and history of IQAir. Sources of air pollution. How poor air quality affects our health and well-being. Symptoms and signs of health affects. How do you know what you are breathing in. Solutions and proactive steps that people can take and more.

The Health View – Nashua Historical Society – S7-Ep7

In this Episode of the Health View host, Yvonne Dunetz and Guests Beth McCarthy, Curator and Dennis Parker, Board Member, discuss the important role that the Nashua Historical Society plays in the City of Nashua, NH. You will learn about the history of the Historical Society and how Nashua’s History is preserved for the future in the Abbot-Spalding House Museum and in the Florence H. Speare Memorial Museum and more.

The Health View – Music Together Supports Early Brain Development – S7-Ep6

In this Episode of The Health View host, Yvonne Dunetz and Guest, Amy Conley discuss The Music Together Experience. You will learn that: Research indicates that besides being a basic life skill and expressive art form that music is good for the brain. Especially in the young child’s brain which is developing at a rapid rate during the infant and preschool years. And that in the Music Together class, Basic Music Competence (moving with accurate rhythm & singing in tune) is learned through play, repetition and experimentation. Freedom is encouraged with a structured set of developmentally appropriate activities involving movement and props such as rhythm instruments, streamers, hoops, scarves, and more, while all types of learning styles are respected and included. Multicultural traditional music, along with music composed especially for this research – based program, provides a wide variety of rhythms, tones and modes/styles so that the musical patterns learned are varied and rich. This wide pallet of musical styles contribute to the child’s future ability to be more creative with music and with patterns in general such as those used in math and art. And that music activities combined with movement involve more areas of the brain than any other one activity, helping children grow cognitively, emotionally and physically.

The Health View – The Nashua Library – S7-Ep5

In this Episode of The Health View host, Yvonne Dunetz and Guest Jen Mc Cormick, Director of the Nashua Public Library, discuss the history of the library, the services provided, the new wing, meeting spaces that are available, how they partner with community organizations, resources available within the library and on-line, how to register for a library card, how to sign up for the quarterly calendar and newsletter, the books by mail service, the expanded childrens wing with services for the whole family, The Hunt Room – a Historical Reference Room, E-Books, digital audio books, computer classes, drop in classes and more.

The Health View – Adult Learning Center S7-Ep4

In this Episode of The Health View host, Yvonne Dunetz and Guest, Carol Baldwin, Executive Director of the Adult Learning Center, talk about the history of the ALC, and the programs that are making a difference everyday. You will learn about: The Early Childhood Adventures Program and how the staff are trained to recognize ACE’s (adverse childhood experiences) and what they do to counteract the effects of ACE’s. The School Age Adventures – before and after school care for elementary school children. The Clearway High School – an alternative high school for teenagers at risk of dropping out. And the Adult Education classes for students who want to learn or improve upon their English as well as classes to prepare students to take the HiSET exam (former GED). In addition, the computer classes where they teach Microsoft applications, Medical Coding for Certification and more.

Celebrate Nashua New Hampshire

This educational video consists of over 20 interviews with Community Leaders discussing the many facets of life worth Celebrating in Nashua, New Hampshire. Its purpose is to raise awareness, inform and celebrate the history, people, culture, and arts of Nashua, New Hampshire, by weaving together the beautiful and amazing stories of who we are, who we have become and who we wish to be, as we journey together in making Nashua, New Hampshire the very best place to Live, Work and Play. The video is in honor of all those who serve and in memory of Brian McCarthy, President of the Board of Aldermen.

The Health View – Resilient Nashua Initiative – S7-Ep3

In this Episode of the Health View Host, Yvonne Dunetz and Guest, Justin Kates, Director of Emergency Management for the City of Nashua, NH discuss: What is the Resilient Nashua Initiative, who has participated in it, how it has been funded, what types of organizations are providing assistance in the completion of it, what is planned for 2019. What is planned for the Resilient Nashua Summit in December 2018. How citizens of Nashua can participant and give their input into the community plan. As well as share their concerns about what types of hazards that they have seen and criticial infrastructure areas needing to be addressed. Go to: to include your input. Call: 603-589-3272, office of Emergency Management if you have any questions.

The Health View – The United Way of Greater Nashua – S7-Ep2

In this Episode of The Health View, host, Yvonne Dunetz, and guest, Michael Apfelberg discuss the difference that The United Way of Greater Nashua makes and how they impact the quality of life.

The Health View – What is Vaping? S7-Ep1

In this Episode of The Health View, Host, Yvonne Dunetz and Guest, Dr. Albee Budnitz discuss the topic of What is Vaping. You will learn the difference between smoking combustible cigarettes and E-cigarettes, that Juul’s are just as dangerous as cigarettes, that END’s are not safe, the hallmarks of addictive drugs, that nicotine is an addictive drug, the cycle of nicotine addiction, its impact on the brain, how it works in the body and that it is a gateway to drugs, alcohol, and opioids, why Deeming Regulations are critical, the importance of getting involved with policy, and more. For further information contact: or call 603-669-2411.