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Aging to sage-ing Conference

LORETTA JACKSON Correspondent Monday, October 30th, 2017 1:29 pm

A hundred or more participants intent on developing a higher level of health in mind, body and spirit assembled recently within an elegant banquet room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for an “Aging to Sage-ing” conference with a holistic focus.

They gathered to hear a panel of professionals whose inspirations were shared in a day-long, interactive forum, “How We Heal – A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness,” hosted by YCD Holistic Healing in Nashua and sponsored by a number of local businesses.

Yvonne C. Dunetz, M.S.W., C.R.M., C.H., founder of YCD, emceed the gathering, one featuring five experts whose extensive knowledge of pediatric health, brain function, environmental issues, spirituality and methods for better communicating with loved ones were well received.

“The conference was informative, engaging, meaningful and uplifting,” Dunetz later said. “It was an excellent event that helped to raise awareness, and I am very pleased that it fulfilled its educational mission.”

The insights were shared by Dr. Matthew Hand, Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo, Dr. Walter Crinnion, Rabbi Jonathan Spira-Savett and the Rev. Rosemary Lloyd.

Each shared their suggestions for adopting holistic habits that embrace lifestyle changes that foster wellness.

Throughout the event, calming interludes of flute and piano music were performed by, “The Lyric Duo,” professional musicians Sue Hurwitz, flutist and Marie Mendelow, pianist and drummer.

A collection of artworks produced by visual artist Dominique Boutaud, owner of Healing in Color art gallery on Main Street, was exhibited throughout the day. She is an award-winning French artist renowned for her support of those with dementia. The certified dementia practitioner frequently conducts art programs for people afflicted with the condition. Many of the paintings were rendered by dementia patients as a way of communicating through art.

Mike Klesh, a radiation therapist at the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua, and co-worker Karen Dubay, a registered nurse there, listened intently to each speaker. Both said they are devoted to helping people fight a wide range of cancers.

“The realization that every stage of life is special was underscored here today,” Klesh said. “It was a wonderful opportunity to hear from people who have had experiences in life that can help support others who have never experienced the same things.”

Dubay added, “I heard a lot of eyeopening presentations today that I can bring back to my own life and to my son and my patients. I feel very grateful and blessed for this experience.”

Some of the facts shared by the speakers illuminated the problems faced by today’s stressed-out, sugar-soaked, chemical- laden population.

Three random statistics included these eye-openers: More than $60 billion is spent on anti-anxiety drugs each year. Some 85 percent of all chronic illnesses are lifestyle related, while only 15 percent are based on genetics. Sugar in the 1900s was ingested at 1.5 teaspoons per day, while today’s average is 47 teaspoons a day.


The “Aging to Sage-ing” conference host, Yvonne C. Dunetz, MSW, CRM, CH, CI, a professional in healthcare for some 30 years and owner of YCD Holistic Healing in Nashua, shares the words of a meditation she composed that concluded the wellness event with a visualization that mentally sent messages of health, happiness and freedom from pain to loved ones, to friends and to people across the globe

Correspondent Photo by LORETTA JACKSON

Event | Holistic specialists give guidance for healthy living

CONTINUED FROM | PAGE 3 Chatter during the midday luncheon indicated intentions to elevate brain health by introducing more organic edibles into meals, to improve air quality in the home and the workplace and to limit the use of toxic cleaning solvents.

Frank Belfsky, owner of Living at Home Senior-Care in Nashua, said he reinforced in his intentions to improve his life and his homestead.

“I’m going to get myself a better air filter, for one thing,” Belfsky said. “Some of the things talked about are things I’ve been thinking of doing but, now, I’m going to do them.”

The event was backed by platinum sponsors including The Telegraph, YCD Holistic Healing and Media Barrel L.L.C., along with silver sponsor Foundation Medical Partners. Bronze sponsorship came from St. Joseph Hospital, The Village Network, Steve Normanton Farms, Anika Skincare & Makeup and The Cozy Tea Cart.

A closing ceremony led by Dunetz included a musically backgrounded slide show depicting the stages of life. A baby and smiling couples, along with grandparents holding hands were among the memorable images. Then, tea candles were lit by volunteers who came forth to offer life-affirming words: hope, faith, happiness and others.

Among the guests, seated with artist Boutaud, were Paul and Mimi Matisse, of Pepperell, Mass. Paul is the grandson of the legendary French artist Henri Matisse, a contemporary of Boutaud’s father, the late Adrien Lepori, who also was an acclaimed French artist specializing in metal design. Lepori and Henri Matisse worked together to produce adornments for a chapel in France. Paul praised the conference.

“I’d have to have this day become a part of the past to really understand what happened here,” he said. “I was very moved at the effort put into it. It was a gift to everybody.”

Correspondent Photo by LORETTA JACKSON

ABOVE: The panel of experts who shared their insights into numerous facets of holistic living presented at the “How We Heal – A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness” conference included, from left, Matthew Hand, D.O.; Walter Crinnion, N.D.; Rabbi Jonathan Spira-Savett; Nancy Emerson Lombardo, PhD.; and Rev. Rosemary Lloyd

AT LEFT: The “Aging to Sage-ing” conference was graced with various musical interludes provided by, “The Lyric Duo,” of Sue Hurwitz, left, and Marie Mendelow, professional musicians whose melodies were professionally modulated by audio- visual specialists Rick Elliott and Jake Loder, of MFI Productions in Hooksett.