November 2016

November 28, 2016
Guest: : Ali McKnight, Substance Misuse Continuum Facilitator, City of Nashua Public Health Department
Topic: Substance Misuse Continuum of Care and the Opioid Crisis in the State of NH and in Greater Nashua

November 21, 2016
Guest: : Mannie Rodriquez, (Positive Street Art) Tom Lopez (Positive Street Art), Jackie Okonak, Assistant Principal
Broad Street Elementary School, Fouad Mahfuz, PRG Galleries.
Topic: The Thankfulness and Gratitude Project

November 14, 2016
Guest: Donna Plourde, Executive Director at Real Live Giving, a nonprofit anti-trafficking organization advocating for women and youth being exploited by the commercial sex industry in New Hampshire. A Certified Trainer with the Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking and member of the NH Human Trafficking Task Force and the NH Traffick Free Coalition.
Topic: Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking in New Hampshire

November 7, 2016
Guest: : Jeff Poehnert, Government Television Channel, Pete Johnson, Education Television Channel, Dick Gagnon, Access Nashua Channel 96.
Topic: Nashua Community Television