As a very private person, that is responsible for excellence in corporate performance and outcomes, I came to know Yvonne through the recommendation of my Primary Care Provider. I can state without reservation that Yvonne Dunetz has the highest level of professionalism, respect and compassion. She is an accomplished provider that cares for her clients not only in her office, but when needed in the hospital and in your home. She listens carefully and works with her clients to create an individualized plan of care. She assisted me in optimizing my healing process physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In addition, Yvonne gave me tools that empowered me to take control of my own health and well being. Her comprehensive services compliment all that medicine and health care have to offer. She is an excellent Holistic Healer, teacher, leader, and role model whom I would highly recommend to anyone.

A Grateful Executive

I have been a client of YCD Holistic Healing for over ten years and have benefited greatly from a variety of the healing services provided. Yvonne has worked with me to create individualized care plans to address stress, life challenges, grief and illness. The positive impact she has had on my emotional, spiritual and physical health has been life changing in the best way.
I have also participated in Reiki classes and healing seminars which have been enlightening and enjoyable; Yvonne is an enthusiastic, giving and compassionate teacher.
Yvonne is an amazing person, healer and teacher and has been a gift in my life.


I have had the opportunity to utilize Yvonne’s services over the past 10 years. As a surgical specialist I have referred a variety of individuals to her. Several years ago I recommended a major surgical procedure to a patient of mine. He was filled with anxiety regarding hospitalization and surgery as he was involved in an accident as a child which required months of hospitalization and surgery. Yvonne’s consultation and treatment allowed this individual to sail through the hospitalization without anxiety. He had an excellent outcome. I am grateful as a physician when anxiety can be alleviated without medication. I have referred a number of individuals plagued with chronic pain. It is well recognized that chronic pain can be triggered and exacerbated by stress and anxiety. These individuals had already gone through the traditional medical assessment and treatment but continued to suffer. By utilizing holistic healing the patients made steady progress and ultimately were free of pain. I credit Yvonne for not only treating but teaching my patients the techniques necessary for sustainable results. In short, Mrs. Dunetz is an excellent holistic healer. I strongly endorse her as a complementary care provider.

Nashua Surgical Specialist

I had been reading about mind-body techniques for natural healing and came to see Yvonne seeking these alternative methods for treatment. She is an excellent listener and carefully processed my information to develop a course of action. Through Reiki, breathing exercises, guided imagery, affirmations, vocalizations, and other approaches, my condition started to improve both physically and emotionally. I felt very comfortable and supported in the environment. Through the treatments on-site and the exercises she gave me to do on my own symptoms improved, and have now resolved. I attribute that to the help I received here. Overall an excellent experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

R. D.