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Circle into Calm: A Workshop with Sandy Bothmer, M.Ed.

Posted by Yvonne Dunetz

21 May
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There is great power in the circle. It represents oneness, wholeness, unity. Examples of circles exist in most cultures of the world from prehistoric petroglyphs found on cave walls in Europe and on rocks in the southwest United States, to the colorful mandalas created by Buddhist monks, and the tiled labyrinths found in Northern Africa. The ability of a circle to bring one to a place of inner stillness is timeless and continues today in churches, hospitals, community parks, schoolyards and at the homes of individuals who have chosen to make the circle a part of their daily living.

It is my strong connection to the circle that has moved me to bring this ‘Circle into Calm’ workshop to the YCD Holistic Healing Education, Training, & Retreat Facilities. We’ll explore the circle in various forms and in various ways, noting which variation of the circle suits us. Best of all, we’ll experience the power of walking the labyrinth, one form of the circle, as we prepare for and walk Nashua’s Chartres labyrinth.

Join me as we explore the circle, giving ourselves the gift of becoming quiet, connecting with the still point within as we come to the center of the circle. We’ll bring this stillness with us as we make the return walk out leaving relaxed, revitalized, and ready to move forward in our lives. I look forward to sharing the power of the circle with you . . . .

June 14, 2014 1-4 p.m. 3 contact hours
$55 if registered by May 31, 2014 / $70 after that date

Register with Sandy today at

$5 discount on Sandy’s book Creating the Peaceable Classroom: A 21st-Century Wellness Guide for Teachers, Students and Parents the day of the workshop for participants.