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Emergency Preparedness – What You Can Do

Posted by Yvonne Dunetz

9 Dec
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I had the pleasure of interviewing Justin Kates, the Director of Emergency Management for the City of Nashua on our Radio Show Healthy Words and Healthy Living.You can listen to the show by going to our website at – click on WSMN Radio Show and go to the Interview with Justin Kates. At this time of year it is important to be proactive as to what one needs to do in case of an emergency. If you haven’t done so already go to: and
register on this site so that you will receive emergency information.

For the City of Nashua Emergency Operations Center Call: 603-589-3456

For Justin’s kit of winter weather resources – How To Prepare:

Here are some things to remember to have for your Home Emergency Kit:
. 1 gallon of water per person/per day
. Non-perishable food – i.e. can goods, energy bars, nuts, healthy cereal, nut butters, bread, dried fruit, baby food, etc.
. Battery operated candles
. LED Flash lights
. LED lantern
. Extra batteries
. A hand cranked can opener
. A tool kit
. A first Aid kit
. Portable Battery packs for cell phones
. NOA Weather Radio and a AM and FM Radio – battery or cranked operated
. Extra Medications
. Extra diapers and wipes for babies
. Garbage bags
. Toilet paper, paper towels,Kleenex,plates, paper cups,napkins
. Fire Extinguishers – Make sure they are in the green status and or check the expiration date if they have one. Be sure that the Extinguishers are in the ABC Mid Range
. Duct Tape and scissors
. Gloves
. Reflective Vest
. Emergency Contact Information
. Pack of cards, some board games, so that you can have some fun.
. And anything else that would be important for you to have

Here are some things to remember to have for your Car Emergency Kit:

. Water and healthy snacks
. LED Flashlights
. A battery operated candle
. Gloves
. Hat
. Foot and Hand Warmers – these are those packets that you see winter sports people use.
. A Full Tank of Gas
. Windshield Cleaning Fluid
. A white cloth to place outside of your car to get emergency help if needed
. Reflective Vest
. Duct Tape
. Scissors
. Travel Trauma First Aid Kit – 1′ x 6″
. NOA Weather Radio with AM and FM Radio
. A Fire Extinguisher – ABC Mid Range
. Cell phone charger – Portable Battery packs for cell phones
. Tow Rope
. Kitty Litter for traction if you get stuck
. Shovel
. Snow brush and scraper
. A Warm Blanket or a Tin Foil Blanket (can be found in a Sporting Goods Store
. An Extra Pair of Clothes, gloves, hat and boots/shoes
. Emergency contact information

Place the obvious items in a duffle or sports bag and keep it in the back seat of your car and not in the trunk of your car. This way you will have the items inside of the car with you in case you are not able to get out of the car.