Crystal Bed Light Therapy

About The Therapy

The Crystal Bed experience is a subtle blend of Chromo (color) Litho (light) and Music Therapy, combined with the energetic properties of the Quartz Crystals, which are living, molecular structures whose energies are increased through the light and color moving through them. Each light/color corresponds to a specific Chakra (energy center in the body) and serves to stimulate and balance these energy centers. Those who have experienced the Crystal Beds have reported feeling reductions in pain, anxiety and overall stress. In addition, many have reported experiencing feelings of profound peace and a sense of deep inner healing.

What is a Session Like?

During a Crystal Bed Light Therapy session, you will lay fully clothed and comfortably supported on a cushioned table beneath the crystals while soft, relaxing music plays in the background. The crystals, aligned with your chakras, will light in alternating patterns, gently working within your energy field.

About the Crystals…..

Quartz Crystals have been used throughout the millenniums for healing, energy balancing and purification. The seven crystals that comprise each Crystal Bed come from a single stone that is carefully hand-sculpted.